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Current Projects - Procurement Opportunity

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This work may be part funded by the ERDF


We have recently purchased a Giddings and Lewis RT1250 CNC horizontal boring mill and are looking for contractors to tender for various elements on the install. This is a procurement opportunity for suitable contractors. Please refer to the information below and subsequent pages for specific information.




The work required for the install includes:


Groundworks - To include the excavation of the existing floor and installation of a concrete foundations to drawing  


Installation of a Suitable Power Supply - Installation of suitable power supply to specification


Reconnection of the Electrical Cabinet and Supplementary Equipment - Reconnection of the machines electrical elements


Rework of Electrical Cabinet - The electrical cabinet requires work to ensure suitability, inspection encouraged.


Assembly and Recommissioning/Establishing Geometric Alignment - Rebuild the machine and realign to specification


Re-Machining of the Outrigger Supports - The rail tops have worn so they require the centre machining out and the fitting of hardened strips.

Please contact for further details if required. A site inspection is highly recommended and encouraged, this can be arranged for potential contractors please contact us.

The manufacturer drawings and full specification are below that detail the requirements for the install.

Please email any enquiries:

Quotations can be received anonymously in writing or by email. 

Closing date for receipt of quotations is 4/6/2018



The Drawings of the Machine:

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The Specification of the Machine:

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