Calderdale Engineering Services have a wide range of conventional and CNC machines capable of undertaking most machining operations.


Giddings and Lewis RT1250 CNC Horizontal Borer

Contouring head, CAM
No. tools: 90
Controller: 840D
W Ø: 2.5M
X: 2.5M | Y: 2.1M | Z: 2.5M

Butler HE4000 CNC Travelling Column

No. tools: 40
Controller: Heidenhain
Bed: 10M*1.2M
Spindle: BT50
X: 8.2M | Y:1.6M | Z: 1.2M

Hartford HCMC 2082 CNC VMC

Tool/Part Probe, CAM
No. tools: 32
Controller: Hartrol Plus1
Bed: 2.1M*0.8M
Spindle: BBT50
X: 2.0M | Y: 820mm | Z: 900mm

XYZ Proturn 410 CNC lathe

Controller: XYZ LX
Chuck Ø: 254mm
Max Ø: 470mm
O/S Ø: 210mm
Z: 1.1M

Binns & Berry L1000 CNC lathe

Controller: Fagor
Chuck Ø: 560mm
Max Ø: 1.5M
O/S Ø: 1.0M
Z: 3.5M

Manual Milling

Butler 6M Elgamill Travelling Column

Hi Power Model
Spindle: 50INT
X: 4.3M | Y: 2.1M | Z: 1.0M

Butler 5M Elgamill Travelling Column

Hi Power Model
Spindle: 50INT
X: 3.3M | Y: 2.1M | Z: 1.0M

Sachman R Type Bed Miller

2 Off
Spindle: 50INT
X: 1.8M | Y: 1.0M | Z: 1.4M

Manual Turning

Gurutpze Super BT Lathe

Chuck Ø: 1.6M
Max Ø: 2.0M
O/S Ø: 1.1M
Z: 1.1M

Binns & Berry L850 Lathe

Chuck Ø: 762mm
Max Ø: 1.3M
O/S Ø: 850mm
Z: 3.8M

DS&G 30×144 Lathe

Chuck Ø: 762mm
Max Ø: 1.4M
O/S Ø: 533mm
Z: 4.4M

DS&G 26×84 Lathe

Chuck Ø: 660mm
Max Ø: 812mm
O/S Ø: 381mm
Z: 2.7M

DS&G 21×120 Lathe

Chuck Ø: 533mm
Max Ø: 890mm
O/S Ø: 330mm
Z: 3.2M

Manual Boring

Scharmann FB132 Horizontal Borer

Chuck Ø: 640mm
Spindle: 132Ø 0.9M
X: 2.5M | Y: 2M | Z: 2.5M

Scharmann FB125 Horizontal Borer

Chuck Ø: 640mm
Spindle: 125Ø 1.4M
X: 1.6M | Y: 1.4M | Z: 1.4M

Scharmann FB110 Horizontal Borer

Chuck Ø: 500mm
Spindle: 110Ø 0.8M
X: 1.6M | Y: 1.0M | Z: 1.4M

Scharmann FBF315 Horizontal Borer

Chuck Ø: N/A
Spindle: 120Ø
X: 1.4M | Y: 750mm | Z: 1.4M

Webster & Bennett 72″ ER Vertical Borer

Max Ø: 2.13M
Chuck Ø: 1.83M
X: 1.2M

Webster & Bennett 48″ Ram Type Vertical Borer

Max Ø: 1.47M
Chuck Ø: 1.22M
X: 1.2M


Asquith Power Thrust 6PT Drill

Height: 1.0M
Table: 2.0M*1.0M
Swing: 1.5M

Dormer Model 100 Drill Grinder

Fabrication Capacity

Thermal Arc Tigwave 250 TIG welding set

Thermal Arc SP400 3 off GMAW, Manual MIG, Pulse Synergic


Thermal Arc SP320 GMAW, Manual MIG, Pulse Synergic

Bode 5 Ton Welding positioner

Bode 500kg Welding positioner

Behringer HBP Bandsaw 400mmØ, Compound Cutting

Plasma cutting Various* 40mm Steel, 30mm St/St

*Various fabrication equipment including – Large and small bending rolls, hydraulic steelworker, hydraulic press, rotary polisher

Inspection Capacity

Mitutoyo QM DATA 100 Linear Height Gauge

Inspection Granite Table 6ft x 4ft
A wide range of measuring equipment including internal/external micrometers calibrated to UKAS standards

Site Capacity

2 off 10,000 Sqft Workshops
10,000 Sqft Yard Area
2 off 10 ton Overhead Cranes Bay1. 2 Off 10 Ton Overhead Cranes and 1 off 5 Ton Overhead Crane Bay 2.
JCB Teletruck