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Union 125 Siemens Horizontal Borer Plinth Casting Repair

Image description
Image description

After the counterbalance chain broke on this customers Union 125 Siemens CNC horizontal boring mill, the weight dropped and the base casting was cracked making machine unusable. Instead of commissioning an expensive pattern and casting a new base we were asked to fabricate and machine this bolt on addition to the remaining cast iron piece. 

Additonally it was found that the original machining of the base casting was out by 0.007" on one corner and had likely been scraped during installation in order to bring the column into an acceptable alignment. We took the opportunity to rectify this by remachining both the newly fabricated and original casting together. After reassembly, initial alignment checks revealed the machine was aligned to 0.002" without any additional fitting or scraping. 

This approach to machine tool repairs allows the customer to get the machine back up and running both economically and quickly, minimising costly operational downtime.

For this project CES worked for Halifax based machine tool rebuilders HBK Ltd on behalf of Marshalls PLC.

Webster and Bennett Vertical Borer Chuck

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Here we have remanufactured this chuck from a Webster and Bennett vertical borer. Because these machines are robust and originally made to a high standard it is usually a much better alternattve to rebuild and repair these old machines than purchase newer, often inferior machines.